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Kings Crown

New Orleans 1st developmental football team.

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True Kings


The Crescent City Kings enter 2017 flying under the radar and entrenched in mystery. After a surprise run to Gridiron Bowl VI, in 2015, the franchise failed to live up to expectations the following season finishing with a 5-3 regular season record and an embarrassing playoff blowout loss against the eventual champion, Oklahoma Thunder. The dismal 2016 showing was a major setback in the growth and development of franchise both on and off the gridiron. The same core group with championship aspirations in 2016, now face questions of resolve and determination.

As the pages of the calendar turn, many Kings players are nearing the end of their minor league careers and the window of opportunity could be nearing a close. The onfield maturity could yield positive results with the abundance of experience gained in the last three years. The Kings have faced elite competition and the core unit of players have been exposed to the highs and lows of GDFL competition. If the Kings do not win significantly, now, some will leave the organization with a certain incompleteness.

In sports, there are many flash in the pan success stories of improbable championship runs. The Kings made such a run in 2015 but failed to live up to the lofty expectations of the following season. Coach Frederick Washington is the first to admit last season was not the normal campaign he’s accustomed to. While many factors, both internal and external, contributed to the inconsistency there will be no tears for the Kings in GDFL circles. Coach Washington knows, if the Kings are to return to glory, the current core group of players will need to exceed the already lofty expectations.

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