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Kings Crown

New Orleans 1st developmental football team.


Three Question for the Kings vs. Mississippi Brawlers


NEW ORLEANS, LA – The Crescent City Kings (0-1) take on the newly formed Mississippi Brawlers in Gridiron Developmental Football League (GDFL) action. The Kings will travel to Woodville, Mississippi for a gridiron battle and an opportunity to even up their win/loss record. The mood for the team is sure to be salty after a flat performance in the week one loss.

How will the team respond after an (0-1) start?

The Kings week one performance was uninspiring by all accounts, with the lone positive takeaway being the furious comeback and dominance in the third quarter. The comeback fell short, but there was no quit in the defending Impact Conference Champions. If the Kings want to make the playoffs, flat first half play must become a thing of the past.

Who will emerge at the quarterback position?Goffthumb

Kings quarterbacks Jahmad Goff and Max Myers combined for five turnovers in the Kings opening game. The back-and-forth shuffle between the two quarterbacks could continue until the position is firmly grasped by one or the other. The Kings offense needs a leader under center, this team is loaded with weapons and the offensive line is sturdy, the signal-caller needs to mature quickly to let offensive coordinator Clyde Maiden open up his playbook.




Can the Kings coShaunthumbntinue to stop the run?

Despite the loss, the Kings run defense was stout. The Kings allowed 43 yards on 27 attempts, a 1.6 yard average-per-carry. The defensive line has been bolstered by the return of defensive lineman Tris Stephens. Outside linebackers Shaun Jones and Martell Jackson combined for 5 tackles for loss and Kings rookie Johnathan Chaney made tackles all over the field stifling the run. If the Kings can continue to defend the run this well, they will be hard to beat.

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