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Kings Crown

New Orleans 1st developmental football team.


Crescent City Kings Season Preview Pt. 1


Clyde “CJ” Maiden brings experience and wisdom to already potent Kings offense.

Change we can believe in. . .


On offense, AAA Minor League Hall of Famer, Clyde “CJ” Maiden steps in as offensive coordinator. The quarterback position is laden with new, eager signal-callers and top receiving threat Akeem Davis is no longer on the roster. There is an abundance of talent, new and seasoned, at the skill positions. Projected starting quarterback Max Myers will pilot an offense headed by a veteran coach in CJ Maiden, talent charged skill positions and a solid offensive line.

On defense, head coach Frederick Washington is prepared to field possibly the best defensive unit ever, for the franchise. Superb interior lineman, Tris Stephens returns along with electric cornerback and return man Cherick “Peedy” Williams. While Corey Kennedy left a hole at cornerback, Bryant Carter (returning from injury), Antonio Edison, and Williams are more than capable athletes, ready to step in. The most notable change will be the increased speed. Each defensive position is stocked with quick-footed players, ready to contribute.

Biggest concern. . .



Look for the Kings secondary to be as formidable as ever in 2016.

Size! While speed is a weapon, size is a deficiency. The Kings stumbled twice last season and an admitted factor was the massive size of the opposing offensive and defensive lines. On a squad with no crippling limitations structurally or talent-wise, lack of size is the lone, noticeable flaw.


Training camp surprise. . .

Rookie wide receiver Larry Johnson continues to shine in practice and is a name to remember. Johnson along with veterans Jamiah Sorapuru, Larry Paisant, and Eben Barra seem ready to mask key losses in the receiving corp. Rookie guard, Michael Johnson has flashed the power and quickness to be a force on the offensive line.
Defensive end/linebacker Shaun Jones and linebacker Michael Gorum arrived in camp ready for game day. Jones is slimmer and more agile while Gorum has added bulk to his compact frame. Both are poised to be significant pieces to the defensive puzzle. Defensive backs Ronald Gaudet and Antonio Edison have infused the secondary with the physical play coach Washington covets while showing great range and playmaking ability.


What we’ll be saying in June. . .

How have the Kings handled being labeled as championship contenders?
With three early games against new teams and a major matchup with their much-improved division rivals, the first half of the season will hold many answers for the 2016 campaign.



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