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Kings Crown

New Orleans 1st developmental football team.

Kings Unveil New Logos


NEW ORLEANS,LA – The Crescent City Kings franchise announced two small but significant additions today. The Kings added two new official images to the organization’s trademarks. The team logo will remain the same and the new concepts will be used in various promotions and publications.

“We realize the importance of branding and marketing, the new images will represent the ever-forward motion of our franchise. The lion is and has always been synonymous, with the word King. The script text, is one, that we believe exemplifies royalty and kingship.” -Devin Richardson Vice-Chairman


The “Roaring King,” pictured left, is colored in the traditional purple and gold of the franchise. The mostly purple head is lined in the Kings normal gold. The white trim adds to the feature a new color, not previously used in any Kings imagery. The roar of the Lion is not to be understated, on the plains, it is an announcement of the presence of the king of the jungle. The same can be said for the Crescent City Kings franchise.


The “Script Kings” logo features a brighter and more vibrant gold, with the traditional purple coloring. The lettering is a more metallic gold, trimmed in white, with purple as the final accent. The “Script Kings” logo is already featured on the team’s website and is expected to be used more often in the coming weeks.

It is not certain, how much or how often the new logos will be used, but the marketing department is confident that the branding efforts will lead to a more recognizable product and more fan support.

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