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Kings Crown

New Orleans 1st developmental football team.

Kings on the Brink


NEW ORLEANS, LA – When the Crescent City Kings take the field Saturday versus the Mississippi Brawlers, the full weight of the 2016 season will rest on the cleats, shoulder pads and helmets of the players. Three dismal performances have the Kings on the brink of the most disappointing season in franchise history. The 0-3 start to the season closely mirrors the 1-4 in the franchise’s inaugural year. The defense has been strong throughout, yielding less than 200 yards per game, while the offense has been abysmal. Despite a 28 point showing in week one against the Lee County Tiger-Cats, the Kings offense has managed to score only twice since. If a turnaround is imminent, it will be evident once the Kings offense hits the field.

Many questions abound. . .

KennedyWho will lead the offense?
The Kings offense is like a Ferrari with no steering wheel, good to read about and nice to see but impossible to drive. This week the Kings will turn to their fifth quarterback of the season, Corey Kennedy. Passion and drive describe Kennedy, but the Kings need a leader.



Can the defense continue to hold on?
The Kings defense is the strongest unit on the squad and has played exceptionally despite little assistance 988A7601-1from the offense. The players have said the right things during this slide, but the question is can they hold on until help comes.

Can the Kings eliminate the suicide plays?
The Kings have had a blocked FG returned for Td, a muffed punt returned for a Td, two interceptions returned for Tds and a fumble returned for a Td. That’s 30 of the 74 points allowed on the season coming as a direct result of Kings errand play. To win the Kings must stop killing themselves.

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