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Kings Community

Everyone will know that corporate and local sponsors play a vital role in all Crescent City Kings activities.

Top 10 Reasons to Partner with Us

  • Generate New Sales

The Crescent City Kings will provide its sponsors with the opportunity to set up tables to display products or encourage people to buy items at each game or function. Sponsors will be broadcast constantly throughout Kings games and events. Sponsors will be displayed on, with the option of providing a direct link to there own website.

  • Gridiron Developmental Football League

The Gridiron Developmental Football League is committed to partnering with both corporate and local sponsors. The league is poised to deliver high impact visibility for corporate sponsors. The GDFL offers a nationwide audience and a far reaching fan base, sponsors of the Kings will be able to reach fans of the GDFL and the teams associated.

  • Business Development

The Crescent City Kings will offer sponsors leads, opportunities and visibility among fans and friends of the organization. The Kings program centers around the development of all involved, including sponsors. The Kings will be committed to helping sponsors reach potential clients, consumers and possible partners. The Kings organization will be the center of a network including team owners, sponsors and fans to increase visibility, marketability and sustainability.

  • Media Exposure

The Crescent City Kings games and events will be heavily marketed via radio, social media and press releases. Sponsors will be included in the multi-faceted advertisement effort. The Kings will dedicate timeouts, half-times and in game breaks to sponsor promotion with commercials and sponsor related giveaways. When the Kings are successful, sponsors will receive an abundant amount of credibility for playing such a valuable role in the process.

  • Brand Awareness & Recognition

With the proper placement of sponsor logos, the Kings will ensure that sponsors get a more than adequate amount of attention from Kings fans. Kings sponsors will be easily recognizable at all Kings games, charitable events and social functions. The Kings will exhaust all avenues in an attempt to thank sponsors for their generous contributions. The Kings will use media guides, media blast, press releases, banners, billboards, and t-shirts to recognize sponsors.

  • Community Involvement

Sponsors will be credited with aiding all successful community outreach events. When the Kings perform outreach work, sponsors will receive more than a fair amount of attention for their support. Everyone involved with community service ventures, will know that corporate and local sponsors play a vital role in all Crescent City Kings activities.

  • Game Day Programs & Banners

The Crescent City Kings will provide ad space in all game day programs for sponsors. Sponsors will be given the opportunity to place logos, quotes and even offers inside Kings game day programs. Also, sponsors are encouraged to have banners available to be shown in the most visible areas of Crescent City Kings events.

  • Discount Cards

The Crescent City Kings will offer sponsors the opportunity to take part in providing discounts to Kings supporters. The discount cards will allow Kings sponsors to choose whatever deal best suits their respective business and offer it Kings fans. The discount cards expire one year after the original agreement is made, giving businesses the opportunity to discontinue the offer if it proves not to be profitable.

  • Contacts, Contacts, Contacts

The game of football is and has always been a fan friendly affair. The Kings will provide a family atmosphere, which will allow for maximum interaction with fans. With booths and tables, sponsors will be in the midst of Kings fans and be able to promote themselves. Kings games and events will provide sponsors ample time to make new contacts and gain new customers.

  • Support Local Businesses

The Crescent City Kings organization is a new business venture and each sponsor will be contributing to the success of a new localized business. Sponsors, have the opportunity to be an integral part of the early Crescent City Kings success, their support will give the Kings a solid foundation in and around New Orleans. The Kings have a bright future and strong leadership, sponsors will be the helping hands to guide the organization in the direction of its goals.

We are a football team, organized and run by football people.