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Kings Crown

New Orleans 1st developmental football team.


Kings Carter Keeps Pushing Despite Obstacles


Bryant “Eyes’ Carter during the 2014 season.

New Orleans, LA – Kings cornerback Bryant Carter has experienced the obstacles of trying to make a career out of football. The 25-year-old, second-year defensive back, with a college degree, was the day one starter for the Kings, in 2014. During the season, he flashed exceptional cover skills and the swagger needed to play the loneliest position in football.  After snatching an interception in the first game of 2015, Carter was relegated to the sidelines with a leg injury. Carter fought through his injury woes in time to contribute to the Kings Gridiron Bowl run, but it wasn’t the same. The injury was one of many obstacles. The corner he manned in 2014 was gone and a hodgepodge of characters vied for his vacated position. Despite his 2015 struggles, Carter follows his dream to the tune of his own drum.

Bryant Carter became the second Crescent City Kings player to try out for the Columbus Lions arena football team. Carter, though, went on his own accord. No coaches made a call for him and nobody set him up with a tryout. Armed with his will and determination, Carter made the journey to the two day camp with the hopes of turning the right heads. It is this level of determination and guts that validates the dream he is chasing. Many people believe life is in the accomplishing of goals, but I disagree. The journey of life is lived during the chase, accomplishments are results. Carter is leaving his results in his own hands, training himself, promoting himself and pushing himself to the place where he expects to be in life.


Carter wearing a new attitude and number for 2015.

Carter is not alone in his pursuit, names such as Lamont Simmons, Seth Adams, and Shaun Jones have experienced similar circumstances. The Kings roster is loaded with former college talent, waiting, impatiently at times, to flash the necessary skill set to the right people. The professional league door opens wider by the day with the success of former-GDFL player Delvin Breaux, who overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles during his NFL trek. One thing is certain, as long as these athletes remain committed to themselves and their life goals, the Kings will give them the opportunity to play on a stage best fitted to showcase their talents.IMG_1270IMG_1270IMG_1270

Bryant Carter’s story is one told often throughout minor league football. The dreams are endless and the list of players grows daily. For guys like Carter, football is life. The passion associated with the love of the game is fuel burned on grass fields across this great country. The land of opportunity, the place where just one shot from one scout can change a man’s life, forever. Carter nicknamed “Eyes” is hoping that his hard work and determination catches the attention of somebody looking for fresh talent. Carter has placed his destiny in his hands and he is sure to enjoy life as long as his focus remains the same.



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