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Kings Crown

New Orleans 1st developmental football team.


Kings Begin 2016 Season in February


NEW ORLEANS, LA – There are no signatures on contracts yet, but February 13th is tentatively scheduled as the beginning of the Crescent City Kings 2016 season. On this day the Kings will open the gates to allow athletes from the metropolitan New Orleans area an opportunity to showcase their talents with the premier minor league football team in Louisiana. The Crescent City Kings hope to shatter last season’s record attendance that helped unearth diamonds like tight end Warren Matthews, defensive back Harlow Pollar, and middle linebacker Kevin O’Neal. Coming off of a Gridiron Bowl run and finishing within three points of a GDFL national championship, the buzz surrounding the franchise, has never been louder. The day serves as the beginning of a less than 90 day countdown until the beginning of the GDFL season.

Kings management is sure to remember the humble beginnings, of the first ever Kings tryout. Held at Ponchartrain Park on a cold December morning. Only 12 athletes vied for spots on the empty inaugural roster. Last season’s tryout, moved to Victory Field in Joe W. Brown Memorial Park. The turnout was 60-plus and many of the participants became standout players for the franchise. The tryout for 2016 is expected to be the largest in team history for the four hour event. No single event is more important for talent scouting than the tryout. The day offers the first up-close look at the athletes and offers an eye-level view for proper evaluation, of the present talent.

For management and ownership, the day is a day of celebration, it marks the official beginning of the new season. The scheduling of the tryout, places February 12th as the last official “off day” for team members. From top to bottom the organization’s focus is shifted to fielding, promoting, and marketing the best possible product. Each day following the tryout date, is a step closer to the first time the Kings charge the field for 2016.

For many players, the tryout serves as “D-day,” a culmination of an offseason of hard work, sweat, and determination. For some it is the first and only opportunity to impress the Kings coaching staff, while others maybe returning players seeking more playing time or attempting to bounce back from injuries. For both groups of athletes, the tryout is their stage, an interview of sorts, to showcase their talents and abilities. Showing up on tryout day, can provide an aspiring athlete, the springboard necessary to launch themselves into the starting lineup or beyond.

Coach Frederick Washington has structured the Kings tryout to resemble, similar events for professional franchises. The frantic pace is designed to push the athletes, as a test of offseason conditioning. “No player comes to camp in game shape, but it’s important for us to see where they are conditioning wise. It’s the first checkbox on the list of finding a good player, is he well-conditioned?”

In the allotted time, a lot of work will be done, film will be recorded, and on the job training begins for newcomers to the organization. The Kings tryout is handled with the planning and precision of a home game. The entire staff is present onsite to make the transition from registry to the field a simple and fast process. The franchise’s focus on February 13th is to find the players necessary to win a GDFL title.

The Kings have already begun accepting applications and tryout fees via Early returns have been positive, as athletes applications begin to flood the Kings servers. Team Vice-Chairman Devin Richardson attributes some of the change to the success and development of current players. “The guys in the uniforms have represented our city and state so well, it has caused a ground swell of interest. Every application we receive is a testament to the commitment of every Crescent City Kings player and coach. We are blessed to have such a good group and we don’t take them for granted.” The Kings tryout is only a few months out and the excitement within the organization is palpable. On February 13th the Kings franchise will begin the chase for the GDFL crown that eluded them last season.

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